One of One Launch

Have you heard? We’re having a party of one, and you’re invited! 

C’est Moi is so proud to share the launch of One of One, a new capsule collection created in collaboration with Liza Koshy. One of One skin care and makeup products are thoughtfully formulated™ and individually designed with you in mind! Embracing Liza’s fun and big personality, the One of One line embraces playful colors and bold moods that reflect our multidimensional audience (that’s you!). 

Fans of the Liza x C’est Moi partnership may already know our love story, but for those who haven’t heard the tea, here it is! This fairytale relationship started shortly after a PR package of C’est Moi goodies landed on Liza’s doorstep. She fell in love with our clean, gentle, and effective products that are game changers for anyone with delicate, sensitive or blemish prone skin. 

As she told Allure, "I could pronounce everything on the back of the label and I realized I wasn't able to do that with most of the other products in my bathroom." 

All C’est Moi’s products are made with clean ingredients, are dermatologist tested, cruelty free, vegan, recyclable, and Environmental Working Group Verified™ — so as you can see, we take clean beauty pretty seriously.

Inspired by C’est Moi’s brand ethos, product quality and affordable price, Liza became the official C’est Moi Brand Ambassador more than a year ago. And we’ve been making beautiful things together ever since!

So, we had a baby! Kidding… kind of.

Together, we created One of One — a party just for you! While elements of the line are influenced by Koshy’s signature style of bright colors and sunshine-y vibes, One of One celebrates everyone’s individuality.

The products' glowy pigments and vibrant packaging are distinct and unique, but versatile in use. We believe that you are multidimensional and so are we! That’s why we created multipurpose skin care and color cosmetics that bring out the powerful, playful potential in you.

How so, you ask? Well, we bet you didn’t know that each product in this line is designed to have multiple functions. An added bonus? Less to carry around! Liza explains, "One of my goals was to lighten the makeup bag. I wanted each product to have a versatility to it, maybe a two-for-one, but maybe also a four-for-one." 

Face Balm Cleansing Duo

Take the F(ace) Balm Cleansing Duo ($16) for example. This multi-cleansing stick provides a silky cleansing balm on one end, and an exfoliating ‌silicone brush on the other. Scrub off the day and slide into the night with soft, smooth, sweet baby skin.‌

Give 'Em Lip (& Cheek) Tinted Balm 

Or our Give 'Em Lip (& Cheek) Tinted Balm ($14), made with shea butter, cupuassu butter, blackberry seed oil and a blend of antioxidant powerhouse oils, act as a lip balm or blush! 

Think Twice Eyeliner Pencils

For our Koshy fans out there who want to recreate her bold eye looks; you can use our thin and colorful Think Twice Eyeliner Pencil ($12). They’re double-sided, giving you two complementary shades in one pencil. Added bonus? There are six pencils available—giving us 12 matte and metallic pencils to create infinite looks. Koshy-tip: Liza likes to use these to create metallic freckles! 

Flash Please highlighters

One of the highlights in the collection (pun intended) is the Flash Please Liquid Highlighter ($12). The package instructions on this liquid highlighter say it all stating, "Dude, just rub it anywhere."

 Milk It Shimmering hydrafluid

That's not to be confused with the Milk It Shimmer Hydrafluid ($20), a skin care product with a more overall glow, thanks to moisturizing agents like jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid. 

The energy of the line is light and fun, but at C’est Moi we take the formula development process seriously. Your skin is the largest organ you have, so we believe in taking care of it.

Sharing the collaboration experience Liza told Allure, "All of our items are Environmental Working Group verified.”

She says, “I sat at their conference table and they take themselves so seriously. I'm so glad they do because I need someone to be serious about what's going on my skin and in my body."

Give 'em Face Mask Kit

Liza's favorite item in the collection, as seen on The Drew Barrymore Show, and also the hardest to formulate within EWG's standards, is the Give Em Face Mask Artist Kit ($42). This brightly colored multi-masking kit comes with four different paint-on masks in a handy multi-wear case.

The Drew Barrymore show - Give Em Face Mask Kit

On the show she told Drew, "I was always running around, using one exfoliant on my forehead, and a moisturizer under my eyes, and a brightener on my cheeks. Different parts of my face have different needs, so I created the kit to address it all!" 

We love creating for the faces of the future — a new generation embracing cleaner, healthier choices for ourselves and our world. And for C’est Moi and Liza Koshy, self-care is just as important as taking care of our planet. It’d be rude if we were the only ones looking this beautiful planet!

That’s why all of our packaging is recyclable nationwide through our partnership with Terracycle! It’s so easy to recycle your empty products and packaging after they’re done, just click HERE to receive a free prepaid envelope to ship out your packaging to be processed.

  1. To request your recycling envelope for C’est Moi rigid plastic packaging, please complete the order form below. Your envelope will ship via the United States Postal Service within 1-2 weeks.
  2. Once received, remove the prepaid return label from inside your envelope. Cover your address with the label.
  3. Collect and fill envelope with C’est Moi rigid plastic packaging.
  4. Seal and return via USPS. 

One of One is now available on and Happy shopping friends!

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