Formulated for Safety

Made in the USA & EU

Made in the USA & EU

We are very proud to be manufacturing our products in both the USA and in the EU. We believe that this is absolutely critical to ensure compliance with our brand promise. Controlling the quality of our products and how they are handled at every stage is extremely important to our safety process.

Dermatologist Tested

Dermatologist Tested:

All of our products have been third-party tested and reviewed by a dermatologist.

Clinically Tested on Sensitive Skin

Clinically Tested on Sensitive Skin:

Our products during a third party study were tested on a subset of sensitive skin subjects for irritation and sensitization potential, where no reactions were reported. We deliver safe and effective formulas for sensitive skin types.



We third-party test our products to ensure that they are hypoallergenic. This means that they have been tested and shown to not cause any allergic reactions within the skin.

Fragrance-Free Skin Care & Cosmetics

Fragrance-Free Skin Care & Cosmetics:

Our skin care and color cosmetic products do not include fragrances for several important reasons:

Number 1

Synthetic fragrances and certain natural essential oils are at higher risk of causing skin irritation and sensitization. This is especially evident for those with delicate and sensitive skin types.

Number 2

We avoid adding extra ingredients that don’t have a positive purpose or function within our formulas. Fragrances in skin care and cosmetics are often used to cover up or mask an odor from the base ingredients.

Number 3

We think it is more important for the skin on your face to look and feel healthy, rather than placing additional ingredients into our products to make your face smell good.


Synthetic Fragrance–Free Bath & Body:

Because synthetic fragrances often include phthalates and petrochemicals that can be harmful to our health over time, we have chosen to not use these kinds of fragrances within our bath and body products.  

Talc Free

Talc Free:

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the safety of talc, where it is sourced from, and whether it has been contaminated with asbestos. Since we choose to formulate our products without talc, these issues are never in question.

Never Tested on Animals

Never Tested on Animals:

We NEVER test our products on animals, only on humans.



We continue to innovate on ingredient safety, and expand into new categories to further address the specific needs and trends for this youthful age group. We want to ensure that we are creating safe and effective solutions for daily routines.

In addition, we aim to consciously provide sustainable and recyclable packaging whenever possible. All of our packaging materials are recyclable, and have been made of materials that have been thoughtfully sourced for this purposed. We work with the following recyclable materials:

  • FSC Certified paper – Cartons, makeup palettes
  • Tubes, Jars and Bottles - PET (polyethylene terephthalate), HDPE (high-density polyethylene, LDPE (low-density polyethylene, PP (polypropylene)
  • To learn more about recycling, please reference the following recycling guide from Earth911