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The Power of You

I see you. I see you in your power. I can smell it through the screen, you queen. The choices YOU make and the challenges YOU take today, make the change YOU see tomorrow. That’s the power you have. Yeah I would definitely bow if I ever saw your highness in person. You have the power to unlock your own future by creating what you want right. now. and embracing who you are right. now. so you can self-lovingly become all you want to be.

But hey… I got the powa’ too, and I made a few powerful promises to myself, that have become my power practices:

1. If I’m scared to do it, that means I care to do it right. I promise to always be stubborn (lol) and persevere through the fear.

2. I will embrace new challenges, because one day… imma die. Lol. I promise to live as much as I can and love as hard as I can while I’m here.

3. I will unapologetically love what I love. I promise to make choices that reflect me, my values and my morals to better the quality of my life and lives to come after mine.

Practicing and preaching these, empower me to embrace my full potential and power. Now enough about me. Tell me... what powers you? I’d love to know.

Write me back.
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