3-Step Guide to Beating Back to School Breakouts

School is now in session and we have a skincare lesson planned! The start of a new school year can be quite stressful whether that is socially, your schedule and even skin. As we know, stress can make it even harder to put our best foot—or face—forward! With picture day just around the corner, we want to ensure that you have the tools to avoid a back to school breakout and maintain clean, healthy skin all year long.

Luckily, our resident dermatologist Dr. Nava Greenfield is here to share some helpful tips in our Simple 3-Step Guide to Beating Breakouts!

"Skin needs the support of high-quality ingredients to hydrate and protect against breakouts," says Dr. Nava Greenfield. Which is why she recommends using brands like C’est Moi, that are committed to using clean, non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients.” This brings us to “Step 1” in our lesson! 


Step 1: Avoiding harsh ingredients  

In Step 1 of our guide, Dr. Nava Greenfield shares the importance of paying attention to the ingredients of skin care products you purchase. 

“Formulas with parabens and sulfates have a high reactivity rate, which means that allergic reactions can develop on the skin when in contact with these ingredients,” she says. 

This is especially important to keep in mind if you know you have sensitive skin. She also suggests checking to see if products are EWG (Environmental Working Group) rated.

Plus, make sure you’re using skin care products without any added fragrances. Added fragrances not only increase the likelihood of an allergic reaction, but they also include unnecessary chemicals that your skin is better off without!

Step 2: Cleanse and Exfoliate

Now that we’ve covered the basics of ingredients, we can move on to tackling the breakouts! 

Spending all day inside and around a lot of other schoolmates, our skin can get really congested, which leads to breakouts. Therefore, we need to make sure were always on top of cleansing and exfoliating our skin. 

“Using a charcoal mask can help prevent breakouts by exfoliating and hydrating, which keeps the skin healthy enough to fight acne. A great product for this is the C'est Moi Purifying Charcoal Clay Face Mask.  Use once to twice a week (at night) to eliminate any unhealthy buildup throughout the week,” Dr. Greenfield suggests. 

Step 3: Treat and Hydrate

During the school day, our skin can’t help but get oily and dirty. 

“Keep facial cleansing pads in your school bag in case your face builds up sebum or oil during the day,” Dr. Greenfield suggests. 

This is perfect for when you can’t help but rest your chin in your hands or head on the table periodically throughout the day, you have something to clear and cleanse. 

Dr. Greenfield says, “C'est Moi Clarify Blemish Treatment Wipes have the added benefit of salicylic acid to remove sebum and excess cell debris, which can clog your pores. Be sure to use them right after working out as well as sweat can build up and clog the pores during this time.” 

These are perfect for those of you involved in school sports as well because the Treatment Wipes will remove sweat, cleanse the pores, and are so easy to use and dispose.

When focusing on treating acne, it’s important to remember to moisturize the skin as well. If skin gets dehydrated from using too many acne products it can perpetuate acne! If the skin is too dry it will produce more oil, meaning more opportunity for acne to surface! Skin needs to be balanced and hydrated at all times. 

Bonus Points!

In addition, make sure to wear sunscreen everyday! Acne medications can make the skin more susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays, causing redness, irritation, and sun damage. Our Mineral Sunscreen can protect against that!

We know that getting back into the swing of school again can be stressful and busy, so the last thing any of us wants are frustrations with skin and breakouts. 

Worry about one less thing this school year with C’est Moi’s Gentle and Clarifying Skincare, formulated for young delicate skin like yours!

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