Sun School: Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen

It’s the dog days of summer, and we’re all spending more time in the sun. 

Vitamin D isn’t all bad for you—in fact, it’s good for your bones, immune system and mood. While Vitamin D is a good thing, the UV rays from the sun can be harmful, so it’s vital that proper suncare and protection is a regular part of our daily routine.

But sunscreen isn’t just for days spent in the sun. Sun exposure is the leading cause of premature skin aging, like dark spots and wrinkles, and can even contribute to skin cancers.

When you least expect it, you can be a target for sun damage, whether in the car for a long drive, or spending time indoors near a window. Even on gloomy days, invisible sun rays come creeping through the clouds, leaving you vulnerable and exposed.

In this blog post, we explore everything you need to know about sunscreen and protecting your skin while enjoying your time in the sun.


First, What Exactly Is SPF?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and it measures the level of protection from UVB rays, the kind that cause sunburn and contribute to skin cancer. UVB rays are present all the time—even on cloudy days—so it’s important that you wear an SPF of 30 or higher every day.


Mineral Vs. Chemical Sunscreens

It’s important to be aware of the difference between the two, as chemical sunscreens are much more harmful to both humans and the environment.

Yucky chemical sunscreen ingredients like Oxybenzone and Octinoxate absorb into the skin and pull in the sun’s rays. Worse yet, they contribute to environmental damage like coral bleaching. We don’t believe in harming you or our marine friends.

Mineral sunscreens aren’t absorbed into the skin—they reflect harmful UV rays and do not cause reactions in the skin. Avoid chemical sunscreen and look for mineral sunscreens that are formulated with non-nano zinc oxides, like all of C’est Moi’s suncare products.


What Is Non-Nano Zinc Oxide?

All of our sunscreens are formulated with non-nano zinc oxide as the key ingredient that guards you from sun damage. Physical sunscreens like our non-nano zinc mineral SPFs create a protective barrier on top of the skin that acts as a mirror reflecting harmful sun rays away from you with a hydrating and non-chalky feel.

Our non-nano technology means that zinc particles won’t enter into your bloodstream, making it a cleaner, safer alternative to chemical sunscreens. AND they’re reef safe!

Our mineral sunscreens are broad spectrum, which means they protect you from all of the sun’s harmful rays – UVA (aging), UVB (burning) and UVC (cancer).


Sun Safety Tips

Try to limit your sun exposure, especially during the hours of 10am - 2pm when the sun is most intense. Wear a hat and lightweight clothing to keep exposed skin protected.

Apply SPF of 30 or higher every morning and be sure to reapply throughout the day if you are in direct sunlight, in the water or sweating (every 1-2 hours).


Which C’est Moi Sunscreen Is Right For You?

Ready to jump on the mineral sunscreen train, but unsure where to start? Here’s some helpful guidance on all of our sun care products, which are recommended by the Environmental Working Group.

Gentle Mineral Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is the perfect option for daily use, wrapping your skin with light weight comfort and hydration. Apply liberally to your face, neck, and chest for the perfect amount of protection without a pore-clogging, greasy feel. Powerful antioxidants from kiwi fruit extract boost your skin’s defense against environmental pollution, while shea and organic aloe work together to soothe and moisturize.

Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is your daily sun protection companion that can be taken on the go in your backpack, purse or gym bag to stay perfectly protected throughout the day. Just like all of our SPF’s, the Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen Stick goes on smoothly and effortlessly, without the white cast that some mineral SPF can leave behind.

Apply to your face, neck, and chest anytime and anywhere thanks to the convenient, portable format. With nourishing oils like coconut and avocado, your skin will be left feeling brand new. Best of all, if things get a little sweaty, you’re safe with 80 minutes of water resistance.

Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 45 will protect both your face and body on those sunny days. Whether you’re at the beach or by the pool, this sunscreen will keep even the most delicate and sensitive skin safe while catching rays. The weightless formula blends effortlessly into skin with a smooth feel and even neutralizes free-radicals with antioxidant packed fruit extracts like strawberry and apple. Oh, and don’t be afraid to take a dip – with 40 minutes of water resistance and reef safe non-nano zinc, your skin and the planet will be thanking you!


Tinted Moisturizing Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen The newest member in the C’est Moi product lineup, Tinted is a multi-tasking tinted moisturizer that blends zinc broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral coverage, with antioxidant rich strawberry, kiwi and apple fruit extracts to instantly hydrate, balance, correct and protect skin. It currently comes in four shades, and we are working new shades as we speak!

Stay safe in the sun and keep your skin protected with clean sunscreen. Use code SUMMERSUN to save 15% on all C’est Moi suncare products through 7/31/2020.

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