Meet Mellow Marshmallow: Our New, Revolutionary Mask

When most of us think of marshmallows, we think of roasting white fluffy confections, but did you know marshmallow is way more than a sweet treat? Marshmallow root is amazing for your skin and is one of the star ingredients in our newest innovative mask, Mellow Marshmallow White Clay Facial Mask.

Marshmallow extract, coconut oil and white clay team up together to balance, refine and hydrate. We are pumped to drop some knowledge about these powerful natural ingredients and how to use this revolutionary new mask!


Here at C’est Moi, we have made it our mission to create clean, gentle and effective products that are game-changers for anyone who has delicate, sensitive or blemish prone skin.

We sincerely believe that the quality of our ingredients and the thoughtfulness behind our formulations is a reflection of our integrity as a brand. Here’s more about the key clean ingredients we used in our Mellow MarshmallowWhite Clay Facial Mask.

Marshmallow Root Extract - Soothes redness, relieves inflammation, and helps retain moisture within the skin.

Byrdie called marshmallow root “a natural skincare wonder,” sharing that it “contains a high percentage of mucilage, which has intensive hydrating, softening, and balancing properties."

White Clay - Works as a mild exfoliant, refining the surface of the complexion without irritating it to reveal softened, purified and clarified skin, and may also reduce pore size!

Coconut Oil - Hydrates and soothes the skin, since it is packed with vitamin E and healthy fatty acids that are incredible for keeping skin hydrated and happy.



No, these are not Lucky Charms! These cute cloud tablets come in a pack of six individual Mellow Marshmallow masks. Simply add water and crush to activate. You choose how thick or thin you like your mask!

DIY Video


Place one cloud mask tablet inside a small bowl and add 1/2 teaspoon of water. Let the water soak in while using either your thumbs or a mask brush to begin crushing and mixing your mask. Once completely mixed and smooth, apply an even layer to clean skin. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water and a washcloth.

Ready to experience this fun DIY mask?

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