Step Up Women’s Network + C’est Moi: Working Together to Empower Women & Girls

March is Women’s History Month, and while we celebrate women all day every day here at C’est Moi, this month is extra special to us. Each March, C’est Moi donates 20% of our profits to our philanthropic partner, Step Up Women’s Network. Step Up Women’s Network inspires professional women to empower teen girls through after-school and weekend mentorship programs.

C’est Moi believes deeply in equipping the next generation of young women to excel in whichever profession they choose, and we feel honored to work with Step Up to help them do just that. At a recent Step Up Event, we asked the young women present to share: What Powers You? Today, we are sharing some of their inspiring responses in celebration of the many young women that will make history, and already are!

“What powers me is beating the system of a regular South Central kid, I want to do better, be better than what others may not see what I am capable of or what others in my community are capable of. Giving up to me is like setting myself up for disaster and letting a stereotype define me into something I am much more of.” - Jaime, Bloomfield High

“What powers me is the different problems I rise from, they help me learn and grow within myself.” - Chelsea, McKinzie High

“My motivation is my future. So, that I may be able to push through all obstacles and get enough money to support my future children. I want my children to have everything I couldn’t have.”

“What powers me every day is my friends and family, especially my parents. They are the people I look up to the most, so any effort I make on the daily is solely for becoming more hardworking and resilient like them one day.” - Haley, Collins High 

“What powers me is my family and loved ones. They are the reason why I do my best in school and help out anyone in need. They are a part of me.” -Gissell, Collins High

“I am motivated [powered] by knowing that I won’t always feel this way and I’ll feel more safe mentally and emotionally.”

“I am empowered by the change ahead of us, the change we all need to be successful and proud!” - Sandra, Neuwirth High

“Women inspire me to do what I aspire to do!” - Surela, ESAT High

“Being there for others powers me!” - Sophia, ESAT High

“What powers me is knowing I am becoming the woman that will make my family proud!” - Brianna, Smidt Tech High 

“What motivates me to be the best version of myself is my family. Making my family proud is what keeps me striving for better things. Making my community a better place is also something that helps me stay motivated.” -  Crystal, McKinzie High

“Knowing that I can be an example for my younger sister is what motivates me. Not only do I want to prove to my family that our struggles were worth it, but also to myself. I hope to be categorized as a successful woman who did all in her power to be someone.” - Brandy, McKinzie High

“The idea of trying to be better than the day before.” -  Nicole, 12
th grade, ESAT High

“Something that drives me would be my family. I know they came to the US in hopes of being able to provide better opportunities for my siblings and me. They have always stressed the importance of going to college. Especially because they didn’t have the opportunity to get an education.”-  Esther, Gertz-Ressler High School

“Being the oldest of my siblings motivates me. Wanting to be the best role model possible for my 3 younger siblings motivates me to be the best version of myself. Having a supportive friend group motivates me.”  Emily, Gertz-Ressler High School

“My friends and family empower me to try harder in and out of school. They push me to be the best version of myself. As well focus on trying to have a positive mindset.” - Ashley, Gertz-Ressler High School

“What motivates me is my parents. They have sacrificed so much to give my brother and
I the life that we have and I will be forever grateful. I know that fulfilling my dreams and graduating is a way to pay back my parents for all of their hard work.” - Vanessa, Gertz-Ressler High School

“The thing that motivates me is knowing that I will become a successful person and that I will set an example for others who also want to make a change.” - Angela, Gertz-Ressler High School

“My parents motivate me because they’ve sacrificed so much for both my brothers and
I. - Karen, Gertz-Ressler High School

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